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Going the extra mile

This evening was interesting. Hadn’t gone very far when I bumped into a man walking his husky coming the other way. The dog was clearly excited and the man started saying to me; “don’t run, don’t run.”


Yes I did slow down until I was past but I am still not happy about it. Why should I have to stop running. It should be your responsibility to control your dog. Not having it on an idiot flexi-lead would have been a start. Or at least making some effort to reprimand it. Failing that if you know it’s going to be a problem then don’t walk it when there are going to be runners around. If I was out a lot later I could understand it, but it was 6pm when I left the house. Did see two other runners when I was out. Neither high-fived me though.

Training plan had said to do two miles. I was feeling brave and did three.

Reliance on Technology

This was not the post I was going to write today. Then something happened. I set out for my run as normal but Mr Garmin was really struggling to pick up a signal. I’d gone through two songs on my phone and nothing. Yes I remembered my headphones today.

I tried switching it off and on again. Possibly making the situation worse. It certainly didn’t make it better. In the end bored of standing around on street corners I started running anyway. Finally it picked one up. Though how accurate it was from that point I can’t say.

The time was I wouldn’t have cared how fast I was going I would have been happy to just get out there. Other days I possibly could have got by without it. Today I had planned to do a tempo run. Trying to stick to a specific speed is kind of hard when you  don’t know how fast you’re going.

Funny isn’t it that you never need all these gadgets until you get them and then suddenly you can’t manage without them.

Janathon effort: 5 mile tempo run, plus half mile-ish trying to get signal.

Being Different

My Kindle died halfway to work this morning and as I then found myself with nothing to read I picked up a copy of the Metro. I had a quick flick through it and found the following texts that had been sent in. Unfortionatly I didn’t read yesterdays paper so I don’t have the full context for them but I think you can get the jist;

“Andrew, not everyone with coloured hair is an attention-seeker. I’m free to dye my hair whatever colour I want and shouldn’t have to put up with the bigotry of narrow-minded folk.” – Chris, Manchester

“Green mohawk lady, don’t let the other comments bother you. I’ve never laid eyes on you but I bet you’re amazingly beautiful.” – Purple Mohawk Bloke, Newcastle

“Happily anonymous brunette, why should people change their hair colour because other people are being rude?” – Red/Black-Haired Girl, via text

I must say I agree. Why shouldn’t we have whatever hair colour makes us feel confident and happy. I have suffered from the opposite problem to the people above and had people insult me because I have chosen to keep my natural colour. Yes I will occasionally add coloured streaks, purple and red to date, but on the whole I am happy with my hair colour. Yet I at one point when I was at university had a teenager yell after me, and I am paraphrasing here because I really don’t want to repeat what he actually said, “The carpet matches the drapes!”

People should be free to present themselves in whatever way makes them happy. Yes, I understand that there are some situations when you do need to tone it down a bit, but on the whole what is the problem with having green hair or a mohawk. Just because it doesn’t fit with other peoples, sometimes very narrow, view of what is attractive does not mean that everyone else agrees with you or that they are just doing it to get attention. When people have asked me and my boyfriend why we dress a certain way my usual response is to say, well why are you wearing what you are. Because you like it and you feel comfortable in it. It’s the same for us.

I did text a reply to the metro I wait to see if they will publish it.

Things I have been called

I do have a whole list of things I want to blog about, but as I hadn’t written anything in a while I thought I would share with you some of the things that people seem fit to call me or yell after me when I go out.

  • It’s not halloween – I’m guessing several of my friends have had that one
  • Harry Potter – both when wearing a cloak (ok I understand that one) and my ankle length black leather trench coat, which leads me onto;
  • The Matrix
  • Cowboy/cowgirl, random comments along these lines
  • Are you a man or a woman? – Yes people really have asked me that! Personally I love the idea of androgeny and blurring the gender lines but please, I don’t appreciate complete strangers asking me that
  • I thought you were a ghost! – My favourite and probably needs some explanation, I had just stepped off a sixteenth century bridge in a quite village wearing a wide brimmed hat and a long coat, I think that one’s understanable and she did appologise
  • Vampires! – yes that’s why I’m out in the middle of the day
  • Van Helsing – again I think it’s the hat and coat
  • Indiana Jones
  • Oh and Crocodile Dundee

Think that’s it, though I will have to find you a picture of the outfit that causes so much controversy for those of you that haven’t seen it

Tillikum the Orca

I’m sure you will have heard about the incident at Seaworld, Orlando yesterday. For those who haven’t orca trainer, Dawn Brancheau, was killed by one of the animals in her care, Tillikum. Now I don’t know about you but this was a name I recognised instantly. This particular whale has already got two deaths to his name;

Firstly another trainer slipped and fell into his pool where he and another orca grabbed hold of her and dragged her under. It is unclear whether they meant to kill her or were just playing. Then in 1999 a body was found floating in his pool. It is believed the man in question had snuck into the park after hours though what he was planning is unclear. He was found minus his shorts and had suffered one bite to his groin.

Now I don’t know about you but I would say this should tell us something. I do feel for the woman concerned and her family, but surely you can now see that these animals should never be kept in captivity in the first place. In fact according to the BBC there have been 24 attacks on people by captive orcas and although wild attacks do occur no one has yet been hurt.

I will admit I have been against the keeping of large marine mammals in captivity for a while, believing that there is no way we can possibly give them the life they deserve, either space wise or in regards to keeping them entertained, they are clearly far more intelligent than we give them credit for. This has just made me even more determined to my cause.

Camden Market

Yes this is me having a rant but I think its deserved.

I recently found out that a large portion of the Stables market in Camden has been sold off to turn into a shopping center. Why?!? Camden market holds an attraction for me because of its uniqueness. It hosts anumber of shops that aren’t found elsewhere, its also one of the few places in London I can go to without being stared at and considered a freak because of the way I dress.

So what would a shopping center mean for the area, firstly as mentioned the loss of some very unique retailers not to be found anywhere else. Secondly the shopping center area will slowly become trendy, which will spread to the surrounding area as the rent is pushed up and people can no longer afford to continue with their businesses.

The result Camden becomes inundated with stupid people who only come to point and laugh at the freaks, rather that the refuge it was before, or even worse, is lost to us forever to become taken over by big companies and mass marketing.

Although they will probably still ignore it the petition against this can be found here

Does a black trenchcoat a goth make…?

I’m not in a good mood today following the stupid ITV news teams report on that shooting in Canada yesterday. Apparently the guy was a goth because he had a Moehawk haircut and a black trenchcoat! They then went on to say about the Columbine kids being members of a “goth cult.” Correct me if I’m wrong but goth never has been and never will be a cult!

I’m now rather worried for how this will affect those of us going to Wrecked at the weekend, and possibly the chance of us saving the Intrepid Fox from property developers. “Why would we want a load of people like that in a residential area!”

Its just so sad that people can’t see the difference and the innocent therefore have to suffer

Why is it called “Tourist Season” if we can’t shoot them?

Following a trip to Camden on Sayurday to get some new Docs I was struck by how true this statement is. For some reason Camden seemed to have been injected with hundreds of random tourists. So firstly the place was more packed than I’ve ever seen it.

Secondly and more importantly it was packed with a load of stupid people who seemed to find everything wonderfully amusing. They milled around laughing and taking photos of anything and everything. In fact one tried to take a picture of the stall holder I was talking to, however was soon told in no uncertain terms that if you’re not going to be polite and ask then you can move on.

As she quite rightly said to me the people there pay a lot of money to have a stall, they are not a museum for you to gawp at. They are real people who should be shown that respect.

Stupid tourists

I hate being ill

Tuesday I woke up with a stinking cold. As such I was sent home from work that afternoon, namely on the condition I would be ok the next day. Wednesday I was sent home again and this time I was told not to come back on Thursday. This also meant I missed what was possibly one of the more important panto rehersals as we were going to have been doing the king and queens scenes, ie my scenes!

So I have basically spent the past three days feeling miserable. I hate this weather!!!