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Being Different

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My Kindle died halfway to work this morning and as I then found myself with nothing to read I picked up a copy of the Metro. I had a quick flick through it and found the following texts that had been sent in. Unfortionatly I didn’t read yesterdays paper so I don’t have the full […]

Things I have been called

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I do have a whole list of things I want to blog about, but as I hadn’t written anything in a while I thought I would share with you some of the things that people seem fit to call me or yell after me when I go out. It’s not halloween – I’m guessing several […]

Tillikum the Orca

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I’m sure you will have heard about the incident at Seaworld, Orlando yesterday. For those who haven’t orca trainer, Dawn Brancheau, was killed by one of the animals in her care, Tillikum. Now I don’t know about you but this was a name I recognised instantly. This particular whale has already got two deaths to […]

Camden Market

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Yes this is me having a rant but I think its deserved. I recently found out that a large portion of the Stables market in Camden has been sold off to turn into a shopping center. Why?!? Camden market holds an attraction for me because of its uniqueness. It hosts anumber of shops that aren’t […]

Does a black trenchcoat a goth make…?

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I’m not in a good mood today following the stupid ITV news teams report on that shooting in Canada yesterday. Apparently the guy was a goth because he had a Moehawk haircut and a black trenchcoat! They then went on to say about the Columbine kids being members of a “goth cult.” Correct me if […]

Why is it called “Tourist Season” if we can’t shoot them?

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Following a trip to Camden on Sayurday to get some new Docs I was struck by how true this statement is. For some reason Camden seemed to have been injected with hundreds of random tourists. So firstly the place was more packed than I’ve ever seen it. Secondly and more importantly it was packed with […]

I hate being ill

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Tuesday I woke up with a stinking cold. As such I was sent home from work that afternoon, namely on the condition I would be ok the next day. Wednesday I was sent home again and this time I was told not to come back on Thursday. This also meant I missed what was possibly […]