So day 4 of Janathon and I am doing well so far. Today I decided to try out Audiofuel for the first time.

For those who don’t know Audiofuel produce audio coaching sessions to encourage you to run further and faster.

The session I did today was the Pyramid 200 max which is an interval session. The idea being you warm up then gradually run faster and for longer with recovery jogs in between then come back down to pyramid to finish off.


Despite not in any way being a sprinter, when we did 100m at school everyone else had finished and I was still half way down the field, I actually really enjoyed this. I did struggle to keep to the beat at the top of the pyramid but this with a bit of practice I might be able to achieve this.

The whole session only ran for 22 minutes so it was really easy to find some time to do it too.

It must have also had some impact on keeping me at a steady pace as I did 2 miles both at 11:14. Pretty impressive when I look at how all over the place my splits usually are. I will certainly be checking out some of their other sessions in the future.

Janathon total so far: 20.1 miles.

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  1. JogBlog says:

    Ah, the Pyramid Max interval session is one of my favourites too. I only have the 180 one though. Maybe I’ll have to check this one out, too. Well done with your Janathon efforts so far!

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