Another quick one

I am exhausted today. My guess yesterday that I might not get home ’til after midnight proved to be correct, though it wasn’t long after. Then I woke up at 5 this morning with a blocked nose. Luckily anti-histamines seem to be keeping it in check at the moment but I have emergency Lemsip to hand just in case. I can not get lurgy now.

With all that in mind, and the fact I had a dress rehearsal tonight a short run seemed like the best bet. I started off along the same route as yesterday but after a mile tried to loop back. After going through a series of back streets  I made it back to the main road and then took a slightly longer but considerably less steep road back to school. I had told myself that if I made to the end of the road the school is on I could walk but when I got there there Garmin said 2.82 miles. So I carried on to round it up. So another three miles done. Now to see if I can find where I left my spare energy. I think I might need it.


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