7 miles

As you’ve probably managed to figure out from the title of this post I did 7 miles today. Normally on my longer runs I have been running over to Ally Pally and back but today as it was dark when I went out and I really couldn’t face that hill I decided against it. Instead I ran my 5 mile loop and then the 2 mile one. A few small slopes but mostly flat.

What can I say. It felt great. There were a few moments when I wanted to stop. Running past the end of our road where the two laps met was hard but I kept going. I didn’t stop either, well only occasionally to wait for the traffic lights to change. Not to get my breath back or because I needed to find a tree to hide behind. Also felt good enough to pick up the pace a little for the last mile. I just hope I’m not too achey tomorrow.

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  1. CeeJay says:

    Soooo kewl!!!! Well done!!!!

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